The latest update on Croner-i Early Years Management Toolkit for #dot2dot is about the Grants that are available and how to apply

As you will know Grants are sums of money given by grant-giving organisations and the choice available is vast. Who can apply and how, can also be very complicated, needing many questions answered and forms filled in, and usually to a specific deadline. Amounts on offer also vary from £100 to many thousands.

The topic Grants Available and How to Apply update on Croner-i lists most of the major grant-giving organisations and details what is on offer and how to apply, keeping you ahead of those deadlines.

If you are a dot2dot customer then log in today to understand more.

Anyone who is not a dot2dot and is interested in what this fantastic toolkit has to offer, please contact the dot2dot team for a free trial.

kind regards

jackie hyde