Fab testimonial from Stephen Webb! Director at Safety Assured Limited aka @FingerProtector

Safety Assured @FingerProtector

There are many companies that purport to be corporately responsible because it looks good to be seen as responsible. In reality I have found most fail to live up to their claims. My company culture and ethic is in everyway different because it is based upon providing only genuine fit for purpose safety products, solutions and full service in the best interests of our clients and most importantly the children and vulnerable who rely on us.

We discovered your company as a result of a new nursery who called us in because they were considering your nursery insurance. In particular the condition dictating they use suitable door safety shields. To my knowledge this is a unique initiative by Dot2Dot. The nursery owner asked us to survey the nursery which lead to their local authority building inspector condemning what had very recently been installed. Safety Assured removed the dangerous products and installed Safety Assured shields then certified the doors as safe.

Your unique approach to insurance and customers was greatly appreciated by the nursery owners who subsequently chose to insure with your company above all others.

Your honest approach is an inspiration, refreshingly customer considerate and in this case eliminated risk of injury that would not have been excusable in the event of an accident. Your policy allowed us to ensure the nursery owners would meet statutory requirements. Most importantly the product we removed from the nursery also removed the risk of serious injury to a child, even fatality because building regulations had been breached.

In summary, my opinion of Dot2Dot insurance is that you genuinely look to protect your customers with sensibly adequate cover that works. This is the honourable way for insurers to behave in a World where most are sold on best price instead of best value. 

I whole heartedly applaud you for standing out from the crowd.

Stephen Webb


Safety Assured Limited