How do you deal with Discipline in the Workplace?

How do you discipline two members of staff, who are at different levels within the business, for the same alleged offence? Croner is here to help you… When employers are considering appropriate disciplinary sanctions to impose on their employees, they should always act reasonably and consider a number of issues. However, what happens when two…

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Are you responsible for your employees’ actions outside of work?

UPDATE: With the party season just around the corner, we’ve spoken to the HR experts at Croner to provide a few tips to help both you and your staff enjoy the festivities. You can read the tips here  Employers can be legally liable for the acts of their employees – this is known as ‘vicarious liability’….

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Disciplinary action for breach of a nursery company policy

Nurseries expect their staff to adhere to their policies and procedures and may want to instigate disciplinary action, including dismissal, against any employee who they believe has breached them. But what happens when a nursery manager wants to dismiss an employee for breaching a policy or procedure, but there is no evidence that the employee…

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Case Confidential – Accommodating Holiday Requests

Childcare assistants to child ratios are essential to adhere to within a nursery environment; therefore it is critical that nursery managers and owners make resource planning an essential part of their role. Balancing the need for staff to take their holiday and accommodating other unexpected absences can make this difficult to achieve as a nursery…

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Health & Safety Case Confidential – dot2dot Guidance following an accident at nursery

Accidents in the workplace are adverse unplanned events that can lead to injury or ill-health. Certain accidents must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive by law.  Croner recently advised a nursery owner following an accident when a child fell from a chair. Incident The nursery owner called Croner and reported that a child had fallen…

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Competitiveness in Early Years

It isn’t the winning that’s important Or is it? Over the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion in the media around competition and competitiveness, especially in schools. Some have gone as far as recommending that all schools sports should be non-competitive. This week’s feature article on the Croner-i Early years Toolkit…

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Ten tips for dealing with an underperforming employee

Every manager hopes that all employees will perform satisfactorily in their roles 100% all the time, but there will be occasions when performance falls below an acceptable standard. Early action is the best policy, rather than waiting and hoping that things will improve. They rarely do, and delay just makes subsequent interventions more difficult. Val…

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HR Case Confidential – Social Networking

Social networking is now a part of everyday life, but it can catch out those employers who haven’t updated their policies and procedures to incorporate it. One recent case that the Business Support Helpline advised on involved a nursery manager who had broken the rules on the expected standards of behaviour. Tweet The helpline received…

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Next Generation Croner-i Early Years Toolkit

Next Generation Croner-i All dot2dot clients now have access to a new version of Croner-i Early Years Toolkit. You will continue to have access to the same great content, but there will be a new look and feel to the site. In addition Croner has improved the search functionality so that you can get to the…

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Bolton FM Interview – EVA Awards

We are very proud of our Director, Jackie Hyde who has been shortlisted for the Enterprise Vision Awards 2015 in the Financial Services category. Launching in 2010, the Enterprise Vision Awards aims to recognise women in business across the whole of the North West. This year’s awards will celebrate five years of remarkable talent from…

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