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Berrymans Lace Mawer

Keeping children safe is one of the biggest challenges facing nurseries today. Since dot2dot launched in 2003, we’re delighted to have teamed up with BLM as our legal advisors.

Experienced in handling the most serious offences of corporate and gross negligence manslaughter, BLM also specialise in claims involving allegations of physical and sexual abuse and have supported dot2dot in investigating and successfully defending such cases.

They provide us with a dedicated team of solicitors – expert individuals who handle our claims with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

In addition, BLM support AVIVA in handling Public and Employers’ Liability Personal Injury claims, ensuring we robustly defend claims when needed. They provide clients with the appropriate reassurance they need regarding the process that will take place. If required, BLM will support any witness who may need to testify.

“BLM has worked with dot2dot for a number of years and we have had an opportunity to see first-hand the support they provide to their customers. The dot2dot team actively look to provide support beyond the conventional nursery insurance programmes and have engaged with BLM to provide crisis management assistance, health, safety and safeguarding guidance as well as claims support and the analysis of risk.”

“I’m also aware that they utilise the expertise of professional business services to provide HR support and training. The dot2dot team is highly professional and very approachable. They listen to their customers and in my experience are a great team to work with.”

Helen Devery


Head of Broker Sector