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All Survey Limited

When we changed our insurer to AVIVA in 20015, their standard asbestos exclusion applied unless a client had the required asbestos registers in place. This soon highlighted that many clients were not complying with their legal obligations to have asbestos registers in place for all the premises they operated from, whether owned or leased which were constructed prior to the year 2000. This could potentially leave a nursery open to hefty fines and putting lives at risk. So to resolve this issue, we joined forces with All Survey Ltd.

Asbestos is responsible for over 5,500 deaths in the UK each year and by contacting All Survey Ltd you can reduce the risk and ensure full compliance with all current legislation.

Happy to provide free advice so nurseries fully understand their obligations in respect of asbestos, All Survey Ltd also offer legionella and energy surveys. In addition, they can provide a quotation to complete the surveys before taking any remedial action required depending on their findings.