Pensions, Latest Advice From Dot2Dot and Croner-i #earlyyears

Are you confident that you can explain the new pension arrangements to your staff? Employees need to be clear about the change from Stakeholder Pensions to auto-enrolment into NEST Pensions, as well as their entitlement to the basic State Pension.

Croner have now added a Pensions Training Presentation to the topic on Pensions. You will find it in the Forms and Letters section. The PowerPoint slides will enable you to get the message across in a clear, well-structured and straightforward way.

In addition, the illnesses and injuries topic has been reviewed and updated on the Croner-i Early Years Management Toolkit for dot2dot

Please call one of the dot2dot team on 01204 570390 if you have any difficulties in logging onto the Croner-i system.


jackie hyde