Our top 5 blog articles of 2015

Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

As we ramp up the blogs and articles for you to read through 2016 we thought it might be a great idea to take a look back at which of our existing blogs were the most popular in 2015. It’s always very interesting to see what affects the nursery sector throughout the year. Primarily our business is Nursery insurance, but, we always try and keep you as up to date as possible with the latest changes in legislation and regulations as well as answering any questions you have for us.

Without rambling on too much let’s see which of our blogs were the top 5 for 2015.

  1. Auditing your provision advice from dot2dot day nursery insurance provider

In this post MD Jackie Hyde discussed the good practice of completing a full audit of your provision or setting on an annual basis. An audit can highlight any developments that may have been completed since the last audit was taken and can also help decide where further improvements are needed.

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  1. Does my nursery need professional indemnity cover?

Here, one of the most critical types of cover for your nursery is discussed in detail. Why you need it and what type you will need.

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  1. dot2dot Nursery Insurance announces new partnership with Aviva

In 2015 we moved from the dot2dot Nursery scheme being underwritten by Zurich to Aviva. The reasons behind this decision where added to this article.

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  1. Can disciplinary action be taken for an employee’s behaviour at a works party?

One of our Nursery customers asked us this question after a small number of events which occurred at the Christmas party. The Nursery owner in question wasn’t sure if they could do anything about this type of activity as it was outside of the workplace. It runs through the scenario and the advice which was given on the matter.

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  1. How can we develop our outdoor play provision with limited space?

Our most popular blog of 2015 was regarding the best way to provide the children with the most enjoyable experience with a limited space. This is obviously a problem which a lot of nurseries have. We will be adding to this blog and also adding further information on how to do this over the coming months so make sure you keep coming back.

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