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Winners of ‘Best use of Voice of the Customer’ Engage Award 2020!

We’re so excited Stanmore Insurance brokers (our parent company) has been awarded the ‘Best use of Voice of the Customer’ award at this year’s Engage Awards. The Engage Awards are recognised as the only award programme to celebrate both customer and employee engagement. The ‘Best use of Voice of the Customer’ is for organisations that…

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Winter Tips: Outside the building

Looking after the outside of our building is also important in colder weather. Snow is heavier than you may realise. It’s important to consider how heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures and strong wind chills might affect your buildings. For example, a 1cm-thick, 10m-square area of freshly fallen snow at 4˚C weighs around 100kg. As with most…

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Winter Tips, Avoiding Slips & Trips

Avoiding Slips & Trips As always, it is best to prepare policies and procedures in advance which include the completion of risk assessments, following an accident the insurers’ decision regarding whether the nursery is liable can often revolve around the quality of documentation available after the event. Everyone is aware that poor weather conditions will…

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Winter Tips: Risks Inside the Building

There are also risk inside your property to be mindful of these include: Additional Heating Sometimes the heating fails to work or can be inadequate, so if you need to use additional heaters remember they carry risks of injury or fire. Fire risks can be managed by making sure that portable heaters are never switched…

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Webinar Recording: Practice for tomorrow – What can Montessori offer you?

Webinar Recording: Practice for tomorrow If you missed the webinar, here is the recording of the session. dot2dot and Montessori Centre International (MCI) have a long history of collaboration and friendship and are pleased to come together for this webinar topic. In today’s ever-changing world, nurseries are a constant, where children are supported and are…

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