National Day Nurseries Association needs you #earlyyears

The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) has launched its third annual workforce survey and would like all early years providers to participate.

Ahead of the General Election, NDNA wants feedback from those working in the early years sector on issues affecting them, such as staffing, financing and training.

The Association needs respondents in order to strengthen its case and provide the evidence needed when lobbying government, as well as to work with policy makers in order to inform and direct the future of early years provision.

The NDNA is “…gathering evidence about the challenges the sector is facing such as workforce qualifications and recruitment” which will “ help [us] support policy development and change by working with the Government to understand what it feels like on the ground” says Stella Ziolkowski, NDNA’s director of quality and workforce development.

The surveys can be found here for England and here for Scotland.

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jackie hyde