Getting Employment Contracts Right

Top Tips for Getting Employment Contracts Right

Ensuring your employment contracts are right is vital to protecting your business from a potential claim.

The majority of expensive employment tribunal claims come about because businesses do not have the correct documentation in place, like a written statement of main terms, an employee handbook and the correct employment contracts.

To help nurseries get employment contracts right our helpline partner Croner have put together this handy guide.

Guide to UK employment contracts

Legally there are a number of things you must include as specified in the Employment Rights Act 1996. These are:

  • The name of the employer and the employee
  • The job title and a brief description
  • The date when the employment starts and any previous employment which counts as continuous
  • Pay amount and frequency
  • Particular of the role, such as hours and place of work
  • Pay entitlements, such as sick and holiday pay.

Notice periods 

You must also ensure that all other terms and conditions of employment are included in your employment contracts or employee handbook. For example, you will want to include information on the probation period, assessments, deductions of pay, restrictive covenants and disciplinary and grievance procedures.