Early education “can have negative effect” on disabled children #earlyyears

The Institute of Education (IoE) has published new research that questions whether children with a disability benefit from early education.

With research from the IoE, the National Children’s Bureau and the London School of Economics, Convergence or Divergence? A Longitudinal Analysis of Behaviour Problems among Disabled and Non-disabled Children Aged 3 to 7 in England has found that school can have a negative influence on disabled children’s behavioural problems.

The children included in the research were found to have more conduct issues, such as hyperactivity, emotional problems and getting on with their peers, than the non-disabled children, and that not enough was being done to reduce these challenges, such as introducing anti-bullying and support systems.

The report suggests that early years providers play a vital role in preparing disabled children for their future life in education and therefore need to have a strategy in place to deal with behaviour issues in young children.

A commitment to working with parents is said to be key to helping prevent these issues from spiralling later in childhood.

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jackie hyde