dot2dot testimonial from Evolution Childcare

18 years ago as I turned the key into my very first Evolution Childcare Nursery. I was filled with excitement and confidence. I was determined to change children’s lives and provide them with the optimum start in life….an Early Years Education. I was full of ideas, brimming with positivity and equipped with a wonderful Nursery, fabulous equipment and great staff. How hard could it be I thought to make my business a success…its child’s play after all?

As I was putting the last toys in place ahead of our big launch event, there was a knock on my door. Remember 18 years ago emails didn’t exist, websites were unheard of and business was done the old fashioned way, face to face. In walked an equally excitable, confident woman, beaming from ear to ear and introduced herself as Jackie. The next two hours flew past as we swapped stories, got to know each other and talked and talked and talked.

Fast forward to present day, a whole lot wiser and in a very different world, I have maintained and delivered my vision. I have opened 12 Evolution Childcare Nurseries in the UK, 6 Nurseries in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and 2 Nurseries in Bahrain. Jackie has been by my side every step of the way. The journey hasn’t been easy. As times changed so did the pressure and the legislation. As I grew and my Business managed change, so did Jackie and her Company. Together we have been through a Staff member Safeguarding issue, Parental Child Abuse, a Meningitis breakout, Broken Bones, Maternity issues and a Staff Mental Breakdown. Unbelievable in most industries but sadly pretty standard in a large Nursery Group. Without Jackie by my side with exceptional support, guidance and protection, I honestly don’t think I could do the job I do, and certainly I wouldn’t be able to protect my staff adequately to let them do theirs.

Jackie is a different league to anyone I have ever met and her ethos is echoed by her dedicated team who back up the support in an identical fashion.

Sue Jones
Founder Evolution Childcare