Competitiveness in Early Years

It isn’t the winning that’s important

Or is it? Over the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion in the media around competition and competitiveness, especially in schools. Some have gone as far as recommending that all schools sports should be non-competitive. This week’s feature article on the Croner-i Early years Toolkit for dot2dot, by Liz Hodgman, competitiveness in early years, looks at how competitiveness develops and how early years providers can manage it, day-to-day, within their provision.

Alfie Kohen, an American University lecturer and writer, actively speaks out against competition, saying “competition, which simply means that one person can succeed only if others fail, is one of those (inherently destructive) things. It’s always unnecessary and inappropriate at school, at play, and at home.” However, as children face competition in all areas of their life, from sibling rivalry to get your attention, isn’t it better to address it than to discourage it, hoping it will just go away?

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