Childminder agencies get a handbook … and the go-ahead #earlyyears

Ofsted has published a handbook offering guidance to prospective childminder agencies, on registration applications and regulation.

Childminder agencies can start operating as of yesterday.

As well as for providers, the handbook provides guidance for inspectors, setting out legal background, enforcement and extent of power.

Ofsted has promised to publish more information about the inspection of childminder agencies in good time before its first inspections the following year.

Childminder Agency Handbook includes advice on:

  • legal requirements, such as the need to submit a statement of purpose and keep it updated
  • how to do decide which of the two registers the agency needs to apply to be on
  • the agency’s level of knowledge of the EYFS. (All agencies applying to be on the register will be assessed as to how their registered childminders deliver it.)

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jackie hyde