Budget Update – A missed opportunity?

Our newest partners Hammond Raggett & Company have pulled together an assessment of the November budget. For their  full budget analysis document click HERE.  Delivered on a Monday afternoon instead of the traditional Wednesday, between key meetings in the Brexit negotiations and amidst turbulent times in Westminster, you could be forgiven for losing track of…

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How to Manage Unauthorised Absences

Employees have a legal right to be absent from work for things such as annual leave and maternity leave. If they have an unauthorised absence, what should you do? Below are some key tips on how to handle some of the most common absence scenarios. Unauthorised Absence: When the employee does not turn up to…

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What your insurer needs to know

What should you tell your insurer? In our latest article for Nursery Management Today, we outline the key changes that you need to communicate. You might forget your keys, what you went to the kitchen for or even your wedding anniversary. However, when it comes to your business, there are some things you might forget…

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Get your mental health 5-a-day #Children’sMentalHealthWeek

Let’s talk about the mental health of children in your care. Our friends at myHappymind have written the blog below to benefit the mental health of children in your setting. Help you and the children in your care get your 5 a day for mental health. Most of us have been affected by mental health challenges in…

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Brrr it’s getting chilly – are you prepared for snow?

The winter months are always a concern for businesses particularly when roads and pathways become hazardous, in particular when you face snow and ice. We thought it would be helpful if we shared our experience of claims we have faced and the practical tips for protecting your nursery. Over a number of years, we have…

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Can we build it? … Yes, we can! Should we be building it ourselves – probably not

More and more nursery clients are contacting us to discuss their business developments. Projects often include extensions to their premises to accommodate more children, renovating properties into nurseries and in some cases building new nurseries. This is all very exciting for the clients and it is wonderful for us to observe our client’s businesses grow….

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What are your responsibilities to visitors of your nursery?

If you have nursery visitors, you have responsibilities to adhere to, below we discuss some of these: The Croner Health & Safety Advice Line recently received a call from a nursery regarding their responsibilities and duties towards nursery visitors. Advice The Helpline advisor acknowledged that nurseries have to be welcoming places for legitimate visitors with…

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5 Top tips to protect your Nursery with the heavy summer rain storms

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Nursery safety whatever the weather With June 2016 having been one of the wettest on record, this past month has not been without its challenges.  Across the UK schools were closed in the middle of exams, cars were abandoned in the street as passengers scrambled to escape flash-flooded roads, and homes…

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