Are you talking to your insurance adviser? The importance of this simple task

Seeking advice from an insurance adviser is not often a high priority when changes are taking place in a business. We would like to explain why this is important with the support of one of our clients, Jon Higgins from Shooting Stars Nurseries, who has a group of five settings. Jon’s business has changed considerably since he set up his first nursery,…

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The power of words – Run a nursery? Don't use a shredder!

Nurseries inevitably create a vast array of paperwork, while looking after the children in their care. So, completing the correct documentation is a necessary part of nursery life, both to comply with the sector’s regulatory bodies and as good business practice. However, it also plays a pivotal role in the defence of allegations of negligence….

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What might Brexit mean for Health & Safety in the Nursery?

                  Image courtesy of With the upcoming referendum, where British voters will decide if the UK is to remain part of the EU or to leave the EU threw up a couple of questions for us here at dot2dot nursery insurance. We thought it best to try…

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Ceeing the point of CCTV in Nursery?

Our latest editorial published in the NMT Magazine reviews recent court cases involving CCTV and looks at the pros and cons of installing it in your nursery.  Please click below to read further and download your pdf copy. If you would like to discuss any of the points in this article or let us know your views on…

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Be prepared for the winter weather

The winter months are always a concern to businesses particularly when roads and pathways become hazardous. We thought it would be helpful if we shared our experience of claims we have faced and the practical tips for protecting your nursery. Over a number of years we have managed claims relating to either employees or parents…

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Safeguarding from an Insurance Brokers Perspective

As a Director of an insurance brokerage specialising in children’s nursery insurance, I wanted to share my knowledge and the lessons that I have learned in supporting nurseries who have found themselves facing safeguarding allegations. Whilst I fully appreciate that the legislation is aimed quite rightly at the protection of children, I am writing from…

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Montessori Editorial for 100th Edition

It has been one year since dot2dot began their partnership with Montessori, as their preferred Early Years Insurance Providers. We’re really pleased with the positive reaction that our insurance service has had from the Montessorians. It has been a fantastic year for us and the response to the dot2dot package has been great. As dot2dot’s…

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Summer Fun

As the weather starts to improve, we know that thoughts naturally turn to summer trips, fetes and carnivals or you may be considering an open day. However, don’t forget in all the excitement to think about your insurances. Days Out Regardless of whether you are taking the children on an organised trip to an attraction…

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