How to Manage Unauthorised Absences

Employees have a legal right to be absent from work for things such as annual leave and maternity leave. If they have an unauthorised absence, what should you do? Below are some key tips on how to handle some of the most common absence scenarios. Unauthorised Absence: When the employee does not turn up to…

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How to find the right insurance for your business

It’s often a challenge to find the right insurance for your business, so whether you’re new to the sector or you just want to better understand your choices, here are some tips to help you evaluate your options when considering nursery insurance or any other type of insurance providers. When looking to find the right…

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Is your visitors’ book GDPR Compliant?

One thing you may have overlooked in the build-up toward GDPR is your visitors’ book. The visitor book most likely sits in your reception day-in-day-out and is full of easily accessible personal information. Anyone coming into your business can take a quick peek at who’s been there before them.   With a traditional visitors’ book,…

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What your insurer needs to know

What should you tell your insurer? In our latest article for Nursery Management Today, we outline the key changes that you need to communicate. You might forget your keys, what you went to the kitchen for or even your wedding anniversary. However, when it comes to your business, there are some things you might forget…

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CCTV and your nursery

How it can protect you and those in your care with CCTV CCTV is now becoming much more than protecting your business in respect of theft. It is important for nurseries to consider the benefits in protecting the children in their care, their staff and safeguard their business. Placing cameras outside a property may seem…

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Are you talking to your insurance adviser? The importance of this simple task

Seeking advice from an insurance adviser is not often a high priority when changes are taking place in a business. We would like to explain why this is important with the support of one of our clients, Jon Higgins from Shooting Stars Nurseries, who has a group of five settings. Jon’s business has changed considerably since he set up his first nursery,…

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The power of words – Run a nursery? Don't use a shredder!

Nurseries inevitably create a vast array of paperwork, while looking after the children in their care. So, completing the correct documentation is a necessary part of nursery life, both to comply with the sector’s regulatory bodies and as good business practice. However, it also plays a pivotal role in the defence of allegations of negligence….

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What might Brexit mean for Health & Safety in the Nursery?

With the upcoming referendum, where British voters will decide if the UK is to remain part of the EU or to leave the EU threw up a couple of questions for us here at dot2dot nursery insurance.  We wanted to know how an EU exit by the UK might affect the Nursery Industry. A British…

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Ceeing the point of CCTV in Nursery?

Our latest editorial published in the NMT Magazine reviews recent court cases involving CCTV and looks at the pros and cons of installing it in your nursery.  Please click below to read further and download your pdf copy. If you would like to discuss any of the points in this article or let us know your views on…

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