Are you following the correct disciplinary procedure?

All organisations should a disciplinary procedure with clear guidelines for managers and employees. As many tribunal cases are won due to employers not following the correct procedure, it’s more important now more than ever to ensure the correct procedures are being carried out. We have compiled key information and steps to take during your disciplinary…

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How to Manage Unauthorised Absences

Employees have a legal right to be absent from work for things such as annual leave and maternity leave. If they have an unauthorised absence, what should you do? Below are some key tips on how to handle some of the most common absence scenarios. Unauthorised Absence: When the employee does not turn up to…

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Case Confidential – Flexible Working Requests

In the New Year, many people look to make changes in both their personal and professional lives. If one of your employees’ New Years Resolutions is to make a flexible working request, here’s what you need to know. Is it an employer’s responsibility to encourage an employee to put forward a flexible working application or…

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Case Confidential – Recruitment

Recruitment of staff can be a time consuming activity; finding the right person with the relevant experience and qualifications who will fit in with the rest of your team can take time. It is also important to get the administration aspects of this completed in a timely matter, as one nursery manager found out to…

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Taking Action on Staff Absence

Staff absence is often a cause for concern in nurseries, particularly when it has an adverse effect on the ratio of staff to children. Poor attendance Abbie had been working for almost a year at the nursery, during that time her attendance record was very poor. The Nursery Manager, had chosen to deal with the…

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Can disciplinary action be taken for an employees behaviour at a works party?

The Case study below is based on a question asked due to an employee’s behaviour at a works party? Natasha, a Nursery Manager contacted the helpline to discuss Sam, a member of the team who had been with them for five years. Sam has been a good employee but had recently started acting very strangely….

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Avoiding security and safety breaches. Advice for Day Nurseries #earlyyears #croner-i

It is essential that new members of staff are trained in all the relevant policies and procedures from the outset, if they are to avoid security and safety breaches. A parent recently contacted a nursery to let them know that, due to circumstances beyond their control, a different person would be collecting their child at…

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