Building a strong relationship between dot2dot and the NFB

As the latest in a long line of partnerships with other leading organisations, dot2dot Director Jackie Hyde is proud to be working with the National Federation of Builders (NFB). Here she explains why this is such great news for nurseries.

“In the years since I first founded dot2dot, I’ve got to know a great deal about the many and varied issues the Nursery sector faces. In the same way it’s vital for nurseries to have the right insurance cover, when it comes to altering, maintaining or extending their premises, or even building an entire new facility, it’s extremely important that they have access to a construction company that provides the best fit for them and their plans.”

 “To ensure they do, dot2dot are delighted to have teamed up with the NFB. This relationship will make it easy for nurseries to find a builder with the correct qualifications, accreditations and experience to complete their project to the required standards and regulations.”


Sharing a commitment to the very highest standards

Founded in the 1880’s, the NFB is one of the UK’s most established trade bodies. The fact that they insist that all builders meet strict criteria in order to become a member was clear proof that they shared dot2dot’s commitment to the highest possible standards.

The reason for joining forces is clear, as Jackie explains.

“We want to make sure that whatever the nature or scale of the project, the nurseries we work with can be sure that when they need a builder, the person they choose is right for the job, whatever the job may be.”

“That’s why the contractors recommended by us and the NFB must have demonstrated that they fully understand the unique needs and requirements of working in a nursery setting, such as how to behave appropriately on site.”


To ensure they do a pre-qualification questionnaire has been created. This is used to check that all potential construction partners:

  • Have relevant experience of working with nurseries
  • Are adequately and appropriately insured
  • Are compliant with all necessary Health & Safety policies, including Asbestos Awareness
  • Be DBS checked, financially sound and have references for the quality of their work
  • Be able to demonstrate a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Understand the complexities that can come from working in a nursery setting


“Working in a sector where Health & Safety and safeguarding are such key priorities, our customers have to know that the suppliers they work with are totally trustworthy and fully qualified to carry out the work needed. That’s why we insist that builders meet every one of these requirements before we include them on our hub of approved suppliers.”


Making it easy to find the right builder for the job

 Nurseries looking for a builder can access this hub and post detailed information about their project. The NFB will then look at what’s needed and supply a short list of recommended suppliers – people they know will have the relevant skills, capabilities and experience to complete the job to their exacting standards.

Reflecting on the reassurance this can give nurseries, NFB Chief Executive Richard Beresford says:

“NFB members are professional builders and contractors dedicated to providing quality services with care and consideration. We’re very proud of the high standards that our members achieve and are pleased to offer dot2dot clients the confidence that this partnership inspires.”


The businesses shortlisted by the NFB will then be invited to tender for the work, providing quotations to help the nursery choose the builder who can best meet their needs within their available budget.

Giving more detail on how businesses benefit from choosing a builder via the NFB, their Business Development Officer Amanda Pilgrim explains:

“Sourcing a builder can be a daunting process and the NFB works with organisations and individuals to provide guidance and smooth the selection process. From our find-a-builder tool, through to assisting local authorities in developing complex frameworks, we use our expertise to simplify the process of finding a builder where help is needed.

 “We know that nurseries require building works to be completed by trustworthy professionals who have obtained the appropriate standards and qualifications. Only builders who meet strict criteria will be approved and recommended via the NFB building works hub.”

Clearly delighted to be working with the NFB and what that means for dot2dot customers Jackie adds:

“Offering ease, expertise and real peace of mind, our partnership with the NFB is one more way the dot2dot team are working hard to support our customers and their nursery’s unique needs. Both the team and I are really looking forward to strengthening our relationship with them over the coming years.”

What’s more, it’s a feeling that’s clearly mutual, as Amada Pilgrim confirms:

“Dot2dot is an innovative organisation that operates with a genuine belief that the welfare of its clients is of paramount importance. The NFB and its members share these values and we are delighted to collaborate with dot2dot to promote this ethos.”


Amanda Pilgrim from the NFB and Jackie Hyde of dot2dot celebrate the launch of the partnership.
Amanda Pilgrim from the NFB and Jackie Hyde of dot2dot celebrate the launch of the partnership.