Behind the Scenes at dot2dot

As you know earlier this year we were part of an ITN Productions programme ‘De-Risking The Future’. The feature was premiered at the BIBA conference in May. While ITN were here filming us we were also filming them and with the help of Mike from Reach Out Studios, we have produced a behind the scenes view of the day at dot2dot nursery insurers.

This is just a short snapshot of the day. ITN we actually with us on location and at our offices for around 8 hours capturing every element of what we do to help our clients mitigate risk. Filming included many, many takes of Jackie and the other people featured in the film walking along corridors and pavements.

The whole team were delighted to be involved in the project. We hope that it helps nurseries understand the extra services you get when you take out a policy with dot2dot. We’ve also got all of the footage captured on the day. Look out for snippets and clips appearing in the coming weeks. If you haven’t seen the full production you can see it here.