Have you recently hired someone?

The likely success (or failure) of the relationship between your business and the new recruit often depends on the early days of their employment. Why are Inductions Important? Do not underestimate the value and importance of inductions. Inductions play a big role in a new employees’ performance and contribution to your company. It allows your…

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Challenging Ofsted Inspection Reports – Early Years:

Increasingly, providers are looking to challenge the findings of inspections and the content of inspection reports. Ofsted’s procedures for challenging inspections and inspection reports are limited and it is important that providers use these processes robustly. Following an inspection by Ofsted, the provider will receive a draft inspection report and will be given an opportunity…

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Are you following the correct disciplinary procedure?

All organisations should a disciplinary procedure with clear guidelines for managers and employees. As many tribunal cases are won due to employers not following the correct procedure, it’s more important now more than ever to ensure the correct procedures are being carried out. We have compiled key information and steps to take during your disciplinary…

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Life’s a picnic, as nursery insurer dot2dot launches its new look

As the UK’s leading provider of nursery insurance, dot2dot bring tailored protection and peace of mind to clients across the country. Established in 2003, dot2dot are a trusted brand within the nursery sector. Their focus on understanding the specific insurance needs of early-years providers, has resulted in them being the number one choice, for 1700…

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How can you deal with a ‘whistleblower’ working in your employment?

How can you deal with a ‘whistleblower’ working in your employment? Is it right to dismiss them for disclosing information about other members of staff? Croner-i can help… Workers who make ‘Protected Disclosures’, otherwise known as ‘Whistleblowing’, are protected from dismissal and/or suffering a detriment by the employer because they made a disclosure. However, for…

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How do you deal with Discipline in the Workplace?

How do you discipline two members of staff, who are at different levels within the business, for the same alleged offence? Croner is here to help you… When employers are considering appropriate disciplinary sanctions to impose on their employees, they should always act reasonably and consider a number of issues. However, what happens when two…

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Are you responsible for your employees’ actions outside of work?

UPDATE: With the party season just around the corner, we’ve spoken to the HR experts at Croner to provide a few tips to help both you and your staff enjoy the festivities. You can read the tips here  Employers can be legally liable for the acts of their employees – this is known as ‘vicarious liability’….

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Case Confidential – Accommodating Holiday Requests

Childcare assistants to child ratios are essential to adhere to within a nursery environment; therefore it is critical that nursery managers and owners make resource planning an essential part of their role. Balancing the need for staff to take their holiday and accommodating other unexpected absences can make this difficult to achieve as a nursery…

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Legionella and Your Nursery: What Should You Do?

Legionnaires’ Disease might not be common in the UK, but it is a potentially deadly condition nevertheless, and a threat that needs to be taken seriously. According to data from Public Health England, there were 331 confirmed cases officially reported in 2014, with men accounting for more than two-thirds of this number. What is legionella?…

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Defibrillators in nurseries: will your public liability insurance be affected?

The subject of defibrillators in schools and nurseries is one that has been gaining momentum over the past few years, with campaigners up and down the country calling for them to be mandatory. Dot2dot nursery insurance was recently contacted by one of its clients who asked about the insurance implications of installing a defibrillator on…

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