Auditing Your Provision. Advice from dot2dot Day Nursery Insurance Provider

It’s good practice to audit your provision on an annual basis. This will cover both the physical environment and resources of the provision, the policies and procedures, and also specific areas such as “working in partnership with parents”, “inclusion”, “equality of opportunity and diversity” and “induction of new staff and volunteers”.

An audit will show any developments that may have been made since the last audit was carried out. It will also highlight if any provision has been removed or lost and the impact this has made. Take a look at the updated topic on Croner-i Early Years Management Toolkit for dot2dot in respect of Auditing Your Provision. It now includes information about linking your audit to the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning.

Please call one of the dot2dot team on 01204 570390 if you have any difficulties in logging onto the Croner-i system.

jackie hyde