Gwen Hill

Senior Account Handler

Job Role/description

Handling of dot2dot customers along with a few personal lines and fleet clients

Favourite part of the job?

Helping customers solve a problem

Hobbies outside of work?

Walking, travel, dining out, socialising

Best achievement or moment at work?

Attaining 39 years in the insurance industry

If you were a bear what would be your name?

Coco (after the perfume not the clown)

If you were a teddy what kind of teddy would you be?


Apart from working for Stanmore/dot2dot what would your dream job be?

Midwifery (but I definitely missed the boat on that one)

What is your greatest achievement?

Raising 2 happy and successful sons resulting in 2 fantastic daughters-in-law and 4 wonderful grandchildren and managing to complete a 10k charity run whilst in my 50s

Why it is so important that you care about your customers and how has it made a big impact/difference to them?

It is important to understand the needs of our customers and understand/appreciate the pressures on them in their industry – this puts me in a position to be able to ensure their insurance needs are met and that they are adequately protected allowing peace of mind leaving them free to concentrate of looking after their businesses