Chris Park

Account Handler

Job Role/description

Deal with new business, renewal and claims enquiries.  Also help out on the social media and marketing side for dot2dot

Favourite part of the job?

Helping customers with their queries, updating the social media sites and blogging

Hobbies outside of work?

Travelling around the country watching Rugby League and writing a blog about my adventures

Office or out of office nickname?


If you were a bear what would be your name?


If you were a teddy what kind of teddy would you be?

A well-worn one because he would have had lots of love.

Apart from working for Stanmore/dot2dot what would your dream job be?

Sports journalist

What is your greatest achievement?

Getting through open heart surgery as a child and then playing in goal for my school football team

Why it is so important that you care about your customers and how has it made a big impact/difference to them?

Listening to the customers’ needs and requirements and offering the best possible cover for what they do