5 Ways in which cyber crime could affect your nursery

Cyber crime in a nursery – What could happen?

Cybercrime is now beginning to cause major consequences for small business, including Nurseries, as the cost to the UK economy is now estimated at £27bn per year according to a government report “the cost of cybercrime”.

The dot2dot parent company Stanmore Insurance Brokers have now dealt with a number of customers who have been affected by this new wave of criminality. These range from relatively small things such as a website plugin hack, being used to promote another company’s products, adding unsolicited links in the footer of a website. Right through to a full hack of a multi-national Legal firm’s email system, sending emails with ransomware links on to entice people to click on them and inadvertently download keyboard stroke software (It will even record your bank login details).

Martin Sutherland, Managing Director of Detica the report author says “The days of walking into a bank with a stocking over your head and a sawn-off shotgun are over”


  • Website Hacking –



DDoS attacks or Site crippling traffic attacks can be mounted against smaller businesses as they don’t normally have the protection or scale of bigger corporations. Another common route, is to physical hack into the website and take control of the site itself. One customer website was taken over by the Islamic State group and used to help propaganda. This was quickly rectified but did some damage in the short term to the business’s reputation.


  • PC’s or internet connected devices –



Any device which is connected to the internet is now a target for cyber criminals. Most electronic devices you own will now contain some level of confidential information which could be useful in the hands of the criminals. You only have to think of your online banking app on your mobile device or the information with regards your staff members which is likely to be saved somewhere on your PC.


  • Email – Does an employee have access?



Email is the perfect tool to use in persuasion tactics. We have all received the email from the Nigerian king who states you have won $5 million but you need to transfer £1500 to enable the transfer of the funds. Well these days they can just add a link on an email, when clicked this will then give them access to your PC, in turn giving them access to spy on you and find out passwords, personal details etc.  MNH Platinum is a perfect example of this.


  • Facebook Clickbait –



Lots of the Memes which get shared could potentially be Clickbait Viruses. If something which is shared by one of your friends on Facebook or someone posts something onto the Nursery business page which looks too good to be true or doesn’t look normal. Make sure you don’t click on anything they say you should. Scammers now use this style of post to install the type of scam’s as the ones mentioned above in an email.


  • CEO/MD Fraud –



This is very common at the moment. It is pretty simple to understand as identity fraud has been a potential threat for a long time now. They effectively use the identity of a key person within the business and potentially access bank information amongst other important systems and make transfers of money into unknown accounts.


dot2dot now offer a Cyber insurance policy. It can help cover you if the inevitable does happen. Make sure you talk to one of our team about this cover.


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